Himmerreich - Smile Studio
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Smile rejuvenation and anti-aging dental work.

Himmerreich wanted a solution which lead to seeing her teeth when she smiled, the
patient had an inverted and worn smile which meant you couldn’t see her teeth even when she spoke.

This is a very common occurrence with our patients as with the passing of time, the smiles of our patients suffer a yellow discolouration and wear of the teeth that causes them to be worn or lead to an inverted smile produced by functional or dysfunctional use.

To treat this Dr. Llansana suggested to the patient a modification in the morphology of her teeth, lengthening them in a harmonious way to the point where they are shown when speaking and smiling. This design was previously tested directly in the mouth so that Himmerreich could check how it looked and made sure that the change was worthwhile.

Finally, we suggested 8 Less Prep ceramic veneers with the aim to achieve the desired dental rejuvenation giving her back the young smile which she wanted. 

Before vs after