Nathalie Ortega - Smile Studio

Natalie, Miss Universe 2019 Spain winner

Natalie was the winner of Miss Universe 2019 Spain. Given the reputation and experience of Dr. Llansana in the field of cosmetic dentistry, the organisers of the competition trusted in the expertise of Dr. Llansana to perfect the smile of the candidate for Miss Universe, as there were many candidates wanting to win the world title.

Natalie came from Barcelona to visit the Smile Studio and to see Dr. Llansana who created the design of her new smile.

After the initial evaluation of her smile, it was decided that it would be necessary to whiten the teeth with a Zoom whitening session and with a subtle modification of both central incisors with two composite veneers executed using a completely hand-made technique by Dr. Llansana.

For this correction of the irregularity in the incisal borders and the modification of the central incisors, Dr. Llansana did not need to prepare the teeth, which meant that the treatment was done without anaesthetic. During this process, the model was able to give her full input into the final result of her composite veneers providing her honest opinion and wishes and in only one hour our Miss Universe contender had her desired smile.

In only two sessions the smile of the beautiful Natalie Ortega reached another dimension in a natural and elegant way, giving her much more confidence. 

Before vs after