Success in dental aesthetics in Palma de Mallorca: Lluís | Smile Studio

Veneers for the closing of spaces between teeth and surgical crown extension to achieve harmony along the gum line:

Lluís believed that his teeth were smaller than average. The problem was that he had a disproportion between the size of his teeth and his jawline, therefore creating interdental spaces or diastemas. We proposed two types of treatments, the first one was orthodontics in order to close the diastemas and the second one was the fitting of ten no-prep veneers through a non-invasive technique under microscope.

Our patient didn’t want orthodontic treatment and opted for veneers. In order to fit them, we first showed him a live preview of the final result before we started preparing the teeth, this way the patient was able to decide if this was the desired result and the right treatment for him, ensuring that he was making the right choice.

Once the final design of the smile had been created, we explained to the patient that we would need to enhance the harmony of the gum line on one of the teeth with the help of a crown extension and therefore creating a perfectly proportioned smile.
At Excellence Dental & Smile Studio, Dr. Llansana is an expert in no-prep veneers and veneers with minimal preparation, replacing the space between teeth with ceramic and giving the patient a beautiful smile.

Before vs after