Success in dental aesthetics in Palma de Mallorca: Sheila | Smile Studio

Improvement of tooth shape on the smile after a long orthodontic treatment.

Sheila came to Smile Studio after finishing a long orthodontic treatment. When the teeth were aligned, the edges of her teeth on one side were shorter than the others, resulting in the patient had an unbalanced smile.

Once her case was carefully studied, we suggested alignment or occlusal control through a T-scan or a digital bite record, in order to leave a stable bite, Dr. Llansana, at his Smile Studio programme, created a smile design where he modified the length of the teeth so they follow the curvature of the lower lip, giving a much more appealing look, making them rounder and more curved in order to make her smile more feminine. Once she had seen the digital design of her own mouth, the patient could see what her new smile would be like and take an active part in her treatment, assessing every piece and suggestion.

Finally, we created 8 very translucent, aesthetic feldespathic veneers to change the smile and improve the confidence of the patient.

Before vs after