Tortella - Smile Studio

Change of composite veneers for ceramic veneers and restoration through aesthetic anterior implant.

Tortella came to our clinic because one of her central incisors was causing her discomfort without any apparent pathology associated with it. Upon analysing the area, we realised that there was an internal reabsorption of the tooth that meant that we had to extract the tooth and decided to place an implant with an immediate provisional. On the same day of the extraction she left with the implant fitted and a tooth screwed into the implant to give a better aesthetic and to allow normal function to the implant. During the provisional period of the implant, the patient told us that she wanted to improve the appearance of her smile. This is why Dr. Llansana referred her to the Smile Studio program and designed a smile for her with 6 of the front teeth being a little longer, changing the shape of the teeth from quadrangular to an elongated and more feminine shape with 5 ceramic veneers and a crown over the implant which gave the patient a beautiful and aesthetic smile.

Before vs after