Turn your mouth into a gem at our dental clinic | Smile Studio
Smile Studio is the place where you will find the answer to all of your aesthetic and functional problems concerning your mouth. Here you have at your disposal a 3D facial scanner, HD photography and video, intraoral scan, T-Scan occlusion and 3D printing in order to create the perfect smile.

With the Smile Studio experience, you can evaluate the design before starting treatment. We know the difference a change in your smile can make to your face and also to your expression. Which is why, Dr. Llansana -world renowned expert- can individually design every part of your new smile so it fits perfectly with your features.

Once the design of each future tooth has been created, the crafting process may begin. Each element is unique, made to measure and made with high quality materials. Every time you smile you will be able to show off your diamond smile and enjoy doing so.